Mitreo – still closed for covid-19 emergency

Mitreo – still closed for covid-19 emergency

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The Mithraeum is a religious place, a natural cavern that was modified for the worship of the god Mithras. The Mithraeum discovered at Santa Maria Capua a Vetere is one of the most famous in the world and is located near the amphitheatre. A flight of steps leads down to an underground level where it is necessary to go down a corridor before entering the mithraeum, a rectangular room with benches on the sides. There are interesting frescoes of the tauroctony (bull-killing) – an image of the god Mithras plunging his dagger into a bull’s neck – and a bas relief portraying Cupid and Psyche.

Guided tours available: booking required.

  • City
    Santa Maria Capua Vetere (Caserta)
  • Address
    Vico Mitreo, 5
  • Timetables
    Open on request, 9:00am-7:00pm
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    Tel. +39 0823 844206
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    € 2.50
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    € 1.25 Visits to the 5 sites of the Caserta and Ancient Capua itinerary (Reggia di Caserta, Museo Archeologico dell’Antica Capua, Museo dei Gladiatori, Anfiteatro Campano, Mitreo) count as one admission