The neapolitan nativity

The neapolitan nativity

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The Neapolitan nativity scene, symbol and emblem of the folklore tradition, is on display in some of the most important museums in Naples.

The 18th collection of the Cuciniello crib, composed of about 800 pieces, is preserved at the Museo Nazionale di San Martino. At Palazzo Reale, in the Cappella Palatina is perserved the Nativity of the Banco di Napoli (about 400 figures). Inside the Basilica of San Paolo Maggiore, in Piazza San Gaetano, there is the Museo Permanente del Presepe Napoletano.

At the Real Museo di Capodimonte, by the Royal Apartments, you can admire a part of the collection of the Catello family.

Another inevitable stop for the tourists visiting Naples in December is the “walk” in Via San Gregorio Armeno among the workshops of the artisan families best known for the creation of the traditional terracotta shepherds and contemporary characters linked to politics, entertainment and Italian and international news. Finally, at the Reggia di Caserta, in the Sala Ellittica, there is the Bourbon Nativity scene, one of the most beautiful Neapolitan nativity scenes ever made.