Naples 3 days


€ 21

Visit the most important museums and cultural sites in Naples and travel unlimited by pubblic transportations with Unicocampania: first 3 admissions are free, keep visiting and save up to 50% off your next visits. Check the full list

Are you 18-24 years old? Choose Naples 3 days Young pass

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First 3 admissions are free: choose 3 cultural sites to visit from this list
Keep visiting and save up to 50% off your next visits
Artecard special discount entry ticket
Travel by public transport around Naples with UNICOCAMPANIA

the pass includes:

  • bus, trolleybus 
  •  metro line 1 Metro Art, line 2, line 6, funiculars, trams, trains Circumflegrea.The use of public transport is limited to reaching the places included in campania>artecard.

the pass not includes:

  • Alibus – Airport connetion
  • Sita Sud Lines to Sorrento/Positano/Amalfi (special ticket)

How to use

Campania>artecard will be activated with access to the first selected site or, according to the type of card, with the first use of public transport belonging to Consorzio UnicoCampania and is valid for 3 days. The card is strictly personal and non-transferable and must be validated at the entrance to each site and shown to members of staff on request.

The young person’s card must be shown together with a document providing proof of identity and can be used by citizens aged 18-24 in accordance with the regulations concerning access to museums and archeological sites of the Italian state.

Travel on the public transport of the UNICOCAMPANIA Consortium to move within the urban area of Naples taking advantage of road transport (buses, trolley buses except for transport with the Alibus line); of the transport on iron and cable (subway Line 1_ subway of the art, Line 2, Line 6, funiculars, trams, trains Circumflegrea, Cumana and Circumvesuviana for the urban section).
Use of public transport is limited to reaching the places included in Artecard.

Download the guide to know all the places you can visit with >artecard Naples 3 days.


Where do you buy it?

  • at the most important museums and archaeological sites of the circuit
  • online
  • via call center
    • Green number 800 600 601
    • cellular and overseas +39 081 197 37 256