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The otium villas.

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_Circumvesuviana line Napoli-Sorrento, Via Nocera stop

+ BUS 1 Red EAV

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    Linea Napoli - Sorrento - Castellammare Terme

The highlights at Villa San Marco include the thermal bath quarters and the colonnaded garden with a pond, against whose semicircular end wall there was once a nymphaeum decorated with stuccoes. At the end of the side colonnades were the splendidly decorated rooms used for rest. The decoration of the small living rooms at Villa Arianna shows an overwhelming taste for miniaturism, which favours tiny flying figures, cupids, mythological figures, small landscape pictures, masks, and busts of figures inside medallions. In the larger rooms and halls, however, mythological subjects prevail with almost life-size figures inspired by Dionysus, such as the picture of ‘Ariadne abandoned by Theseus’ on the back wall of the triclinium.

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