Scavi di Pompei
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 The most evocative and famous archaeological site in the world.

Transport. How to reach the site

_Circumvesuviana Napoli-Sorrento line, Pompei Villa dei Misteri stop (Porta Marina entrance or Piazza Esedra)

_ Circumvesuviana Napoli- Poggiomarino line, Pompei Santuario stop (Piazza Anfiteatro entrance)

_Trenitalia Napoli-Salerno line, Pompei stop (Piazza Anfiteatro entrance)

  • circumvesuviana


    Linea Napoli - Sorrento - Pompei Scavi


Of the residential buildings, the House of the Faun is the most splendid in terms of its architecture and the famous mosaics that embellished it, such as the one depicting ‘The Battle of Alexander and Darius’, a masterpiece now kept at the Museo Archeologico di Napoli. The House of the Vettii is well-known for its frescoes, and the Villa of the Mysteries particularly celebrated for its megalography (large-scale painting), perhaps illustrating a scene of initiation into the cult of Dionysus or the Orphic mysteries. The theatre district is home to the Great Theatre and the small Odeion, with the Temple of Isis nearby. The infamous Lupanar (brothel) is a two-storey building, whose function is revealed by its explicit erotic paintings and graffiti. At sunset, it is a particularly thrilling experience to visit the Via dei Sepolcri, the street lined with funeral monuments that led to Herculaneum.

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