Certosa San Lorenzo - Padula
viale CertosaIT

The greatest monastic monument in southern Italy.

Transport. How to reach the site

by car

autostrada Salerno - Reggio Calabria at the Padula-Buonabitacolon exit, follow signs for Padula

The church contains altars with refined polychrome decorations in scagliola with mother of pearl inlay, frescoes from the sixteenth- eighteenth century, an eighteenth- century maiolica floor, and early sixteenth-century engraved and inlaid wooden choirs. Visitors to the Charterhouse can also take a tour of the Museo Archeologico della Lucania Occidentale, and enjoy the landscaping interventions carried out in the cell gardens as part of the exhibition ‘Ortus Artis’, as well as a vast collection of contemporary art comprising more than one hundred works made during the exhibitions ‘Le Opere e i Giorni’ and ‘Fresco Bosco’. The small hall in the Prior’s apartment is home to the permanent exhibition ‘The Certosa di Padula in Thomas Salmon’s book of 1763 and in eighteenth-century cartography’, an installation integrated into the standard museum tour as a tool
of reference to facilitate visitors’ understanding of the Charterhouse.

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