Anfiteatro Flavio
Corso Nicola Terracciano 75IT

 The third largest amphitheatre in the Roman world.

Transport. How to reach the site

Metro line 2, Pozzuoli-Solfatara stop


  • cumana


    Cumana - Pozzuoli - Porto

  • underground


    linea 2 - Pozzuoli - Solfatara


Visiting the amphitheatre’s underground areas is particularly fascinating; they are well preserved and it is easy to see how logistical issues were tackled to enable spectacles to run smoothly. The rooms surrounding the corridors were used to store equipment, machines, sets, and animal cages, which were then hoisted up through trapdoors onto the floor of the arena. No less interesting are the water systems, especially the channel that was used to collect the great quantity of rainwater tapped from the cavea and  transport it to the sea.

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