San Gennaro Card

A card that enables you to discover the works and places devoted to San Gennaro (St Januarius), the patron saint of Naples.
A voyage of discovery involving art, faith and tradition that enables you to learn about the history and ritual of the “miracle of blood “.
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€ 14

How to use

San Gennaro>card entitles you to exclusive discounts and concessions with free access to the 3 sites of the San Gennaro>Card itinerary and up to 50% discount from the 4th site onwards.

Campania>artecard will be activated with access to the first selected site. The card is strictly personal and non-transferable and must be validated at the entrance to each site and shown to members of staff on request.


Where do you buy it?

  • at the most important museums and archaeological sites of the circuit
  • online
  • via call center
    • Green number 800 600 601
    • cellular and overseas +39 081 197 37 256

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