Fondazione PLART - Plastiche e Arte
Via Giuseppe Martucci 48IT

The Fondazione Plart is a multifunctional space set up to promote the history and culture of polymeric materials and the conservation and communication of an important collection of historical plastic artefacts.

Transport. How to reach the site

 Metro line 2, Piazza Amedeo stop, 100 m to ft

Funicolare di Chiaia, Parco Margherita stop, 150 m to ft

For Bus Lines ANM

Freefone 800639525

App City & Bus

  • funiculars


    Funicolare di Chiaia - Piazza Amedeo

  • underground


    linea 2 - Piazza Amedeo


Plastic Poetry – All the great alchemists of the past were also men of letters and poetry. Visitors too will have a chance to try their hand at a series of poetic compositions. On the interactive touchscreen you have a series of digital dials with various words and drawings on them. Once you have composed your poetically plastic phrase, click on the arrow with your finger and the phrase will come out of the monitor and fill up the space in the‘mouth of the wolf’.

Sun Flower – Traditional plastic has now become bioplastic, through the clean transformation of organic and natural materials. At the end of the alchemy tour, visitors will make their way to the exit through a special meadow where sunflowers, symbolic of a new completely ecological plastic, multiply and follow them as they leave.

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