Museo dei Gladiatori
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The surviving decorations from the amphitheatre of ancient Capua.

Transport. How to reach the site

Trenitalia train, S. Maria Capua Vetere stop, 15 min. on foot from the station

  • trenitalia


    Linea: Napoli Centrale - Caserta - Caserta

    Linea: Napoli - Santa Maria Capua Vetere - Caserta Centrale


The museum has casts of two helmets, a pair of shin guards and a shoulder plate: a selection of the numerous gladiatorial weapons found in Pompeii in the Quadriporticus of the Theatres. The Pompeian building, which was used as a barracks for the gladiators, has in fact restored to us two wooden chests containing remains of sumptuous garments embroidered in gold and a collection of bronze parade weapons: helmets, shin guards, shields, lances and daggers, richly decorated in relief and now kept at the Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli. Finally, a three-dimensional model represents a fight between gladiators and wild beasts: visitors will be able to recognise the ‘retiarius’ with his net and trident, the ‘secutor’ with helmet and short sword, the Thracian with a griffin on his helmet and a curved sword (‘sica’), and the ‘venator’, who is facing up to a lion.

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