Scavi di Oplontis
Via Sepolcri 12IT

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The luxurious villa of Poppaea.

Transport. How to reach the site

_Circumvesuviana line


Torre Annunziata-Oplontis stop

_Circumvesuviana line


Torre Annunziata-Oplontis stop

  • trenitalia


    Linea: Napoli Centrale - Salerno Centrale - Torre Annunziata Centrale

    Napoli - Salerno - Torre Annunziata Centrale

  • circumvesuviana


    Linea: Napoli - Poggiomarino - Boscoreale

    Linea: Napoli - Poggiomarino - Torre Annunziata - Oplonti

    Linea Napoli - Sorrento - Torre Annunziata Centrale - Oplonti


The pictorial decoration, with faux doors and columns, is correlated to actual architectural features, thereby creating tricks of perspective and correspondences between the real and the imaginary. The numerous details of the painted decorations, consisting of masks, baskets of fruit, torches, and birds, are of very high quality. The villa was originally adorned with numerous sculptures, most of which were Roman copies of originals of the Hellenistic sphere of the 3rd-2nd century B.C.

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