Real Belvedere San Leucio
Via del Setificio 5IT

The Bourbon village famous for manufacturing high-quality silk.

Transport. How to reach the site

Trenitalia train, Caserta station stop + bus from Piazza Vanvitelli


Inside the building complex, industrial archaeology comes alive. In addition to the looms, which have been restored and still function, visitors can admire various silk-working tools and utensils, and a hydraulic wheel for the silk doubling machines. The latter can be operated for demonstration purposes. Close by, the silk museum houses various fabrics prized by the nobility and royalty of several centuries ago. Having seen the antique looms and the royal apartments, be sure not to miss the Belvedere Royal Hunting Lodge, which was built at the behest of Ferdinand II. The building is frescoed with allegorical scenes, while the Queen’s Bathroom is hung with paintings by Philipp Hackert.
The main building houses various antique looms, as part of a magnificent exhibition.

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