Parco Archeologico di Cuma
Via Monte di Cuma 3IT

‘I saw the land and the home of the Sibyl, and that ghastly cave whence the foolish do not return, and where the wise do not dare enter.’ Francesco Petrarch, 1343.

Transport. How to reach the site

Cumana, Fusaro Stop + Bus EAV 

for the Bus lines EAV


The so-called ‘Cave of the Sibyl’ is a long tunnel dug into the rock, which runs straight until it reaches a space that acts as a vestibule to a room with three niches. The half-shadow of the tunnel, which is cut through at intervals by light penetrating from the side apertures, is so evocative that it is easy to understand why in late antiquity the oracle and the priestess of Apollo with her prophecies were located here. In actual fact, this structure was almost certainly a corridor of military origins, built for defensive purposes. The other tunnel, known as the Crypta Romana or Cave of Cocceius’, which in the late-Republican Age linked the port of Cuma to the port of Puteoli on the lakes of Averno and Lucrino, as a means of militarily strengthening the area, can be accessed from the square in front of the ‘Cave of the Sibyl’, from where you can also take Via Sacra to get to the Acropolis.

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