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Kit Artecard

The card that gives you access to art and culture sites in Naples and throughout the Campania region (museums, archaeology, contemporary works, places of sacred art, underground tours and theatres) and use of the Unicocampania public transport system.

Plus: admission without queuing, special events, discounts and benefits.

All this in just one card!

I Martedì Critici al Madre: incontro con Alfonso Artiaco http://multimedia.cac.erpx.it/foto/web/evento131_576_cac.jpg 2015-02-07 2015-02-24 The Gothic Underground of Certosa of San Martino open to the public http://multimedia.cac.erpx.it/foto/web/evento130_575_cac.jpg 2015-01-24 2015-12-31 Caravaggio al Complesso Donnaregina, Napoli http://multimedia.cac.erpx.it/foto/web/evento98_572_cac.jpg 2015-01-18 2015-06-07 AUGUSTO E LA CAMPANIA. DA OTTAVIANO A DIVO AUGUSTO http://multimedia.cac.erpx.it/foto/web/evento128_573_cac.jpg 2014-12-19 2015-05-04 Lucio Amelio. Dalla Modern Art Agency alla genesi di Terrae Motus (1965-1982). Documenti, opere, una storia... http://multimedia.cac.erpx.it/foto/web/evento129_574_cac.jpg 2014-11-21 2015-03-09